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Right now, I'm in Blog Mode. It's 10:47 PM over here, and I have work tomorrow... But it doesn't matter. I just had to write something tonight. It's just one of those days, I guess.

I actually posted something a few hours ago, but that was merely an introduction of sorts. Just a way of me to say that I AM BACK. Like Kanye West, I am better, faster, stronger, harder.

I was flipping through my older posts and saw my NBA Previews stuff. They were pretty cool, so I thought maybe revisiting my predictions wouldn't be so bad. I'll start off with the East, since the playoff spots are pretty much set in stone. The West is much trickier, so "ll save that edition when the playoff picture is settled.

1. Detroit Pistons - "They supposedly have some young players waiting in the wings, but I doubt they'll make that big of an impact"

Then: # 4 in the East
Now: # 2 in the East

I was wrong here, but not too wrong. First, I thought that the Bulls would take the Central Division crown, expecting a breakout year from Luol Deng. But the opposite happened, and the Pistons are just that damn consistent to slip below the 3rd spot. I also didn't expect their Zoo Crew to contribute heavily this year, but the electric play of rookie Rodney Stuckey and muscle forward Jason Maxiell were actually what they needed. This team is just too consistent, and I will never doubt them again.

2. Miami Heat - "I know they won a championship then, but I just knew that acquiring Antoine Walker and Jason Williams would blow up in their faces somewhere down the road. And this season might be that"

Then: # 7 in the East
Now: Last (!!!) in the League

Oooohhh, I love this. I (somewhat) correctly predicted that this would be a bad year for Miami, but never in my wildest dreams did I think that they would finish with the worst record in the L. I don't think anybody did, really. A team with Dwyane Wade and Shaq could result to this? Impossible! But it did, and the devil has come back to Riley to collect. I know they tell us injuries killed them, but I still believe it was the deal with the devil that did them in.

3. Boston Celtics - "I don't think they can finish atop the East because they will obviously have to go through growing pains, but by the end of the season, we shall recognize them as the best in the East"

Then: # 2 in the East
Now: # 1 in the League

You have to admit, it was pretty close. Some people were wary of saying they would be that good this soon, but I always believed they would be. I have to be honest, though... Even my prediction was a bit conservative. I expected great things, but a 60-win season in their first year together?!?! KG, now I know the Wolves' numerous exits weren't your fault.

4. Toronto Raptors - "But I am concerned about his (Chris Bosh) health"

Then: # 5 in the East
Now: # 7 in the East

If I remember correctly, Toronto's slide began when Chris Bosh went out. And despite heroic performances from Rasho Nesterovic, they currently are in 7th place in the East, battling with Washington and Philadelphia for a higher spot. I still believe this team is talented enough to grab the 5 spot, so I guess that makes my prediction pretty accurate.

5. Charlotte Bobcats - "Is Jason Richardson really the go-to guy they were looking for? In my opinion, no"

Then: Out of the Playoffs
Now: Out of the Playoffs

For stretches during the season, we've seen Jason Richardson perform otherworldly. However, he hasn't been able to do it consistently, and he certainly hasn't elevated his team into postseason contention. And considering how wide open the East is, to not even be in the Playoff race is downright embarrassing. I have to be admit, though, it's unfair to put the blame on JRich alone. The firing of Bernie Bickerstaff might be the biggest reason for this lost season.

6. Washington Wizards - "First off, I just want to wish Etan Thomas a speedy recovery"

Then: # 3 in the East
Now: # 5 in the East

Really. I wrote my preview before Gilbert missed almost the entire season, so I guess that renders my prediction as pointless. In fact, it may have made my preview look even worse. For them to lose their best player and still be, record-wise, better than Toronto? Crazy. I guess it's time to move Caron Butler to elite status. And no, I'm not forgetting Antawn Jamison at all. I will be honest, though. I really thought Andray Blatche would contribute more than he did this year. Too bad.

7. Chicago Bulls - "Welcome to Kobe Bryant's next home!!!!"

Then: # 1 in the East
Now: Surprisingly eliminated from the Playoffs

OUCH. With a single team preview, all my credibility was lost. But really. Too horrible predictions in one team preview? Damn, man. How can I recover from that. First, I boldly predict Chicago as Kobe's next home. Then, just to sweeten things a bit, I state to the world that I believe that Chicago would be # 1 in the East. Once again, OUCH! I'm not really sure if my prediction was made with Kobe Bryant wearing red and black in mind, but still it was terrible. As punishment, feel free to laugh in my face the next time you see me on the street.

8. Orlando Magic - "Jameer Nelson is a good point guard, but a part of me thinks this is as good as he can get"

Then: # 8 in the East
Now: # 3 in the East

Hell, we could even say Jameer got worse! Really, he has just been terrible this year, so I guess I was correct in thinking that he has maxed out. The other thing was Rashard Lewis. It was evident from the start that he would never live up to his contract, but to be outplayed by Hedo Turkoglu is surely depressing. At least, Dwight Howard is playing above his contract. This time, I feel happy to be proven wrong. 8th was just too damn low. Sorry, Superman.

9. Cleveland Cavaliers - "It's still all about LeBron"

Then: # 6 in the East
Now: # 4 in the East

Truer words have never been said. The Cavs are really still all about the King, but at least now, things seem to be improving. I still can't get over the fact that they stole Delonte West from Seattle, and nabbing Ben Wallace and Wally World are solid additions. I also said before that the Devin Brown signing was good, and so far, I'm right. It's far too early to tell if the trades they made will be enough, but they sure made them better.

10. Indiana Pacers - "Seriously, though, I don't really know what direction they're going"

Then: Out of the Playoffs
Now: Praying (hard) for the 8th spot

I still don't know what direction they are heading. I thought they would trade JO this season (pre or mid, I didn't care), but they didn't, and they are basically the same team they were last year. Danny Granger has been good, but we still don't know what he's made of. It's been a terrible year in Indiana, with attendance issues, injuries, and other stuff distracting the team. It's time to decide, Mr. Bird.

11. Atlanta Hawks - "This would be a very good team if only they had a Point Guard"

Then: Out of the Playoffs
Now: # 8 in the East

Well, it's a mixed bag. The Hawks played pretty well early in the season, staying above .500. However, they somehow lost a step, and even Mike Bibby's arrival didn't initially produce great results. Lately, though, they have been playing much better and just might be considered a lock for the # 8 spot. It's a start, but they still haven't signed Josh Smith long-term, so they could be back to futility in the near future.
12. New Jersey Nets - "Boring in the sense that I expect them to finish in the same way they did last season"
Then: Out of the Playoffs
Now: Out of the Playoffs
I don't know how I can say I expect them to finish like last season and then leave them out of a playoff spot. I guess what I meant by that was they were pretty much the same team as last year, and with some young East teams a year wiser, it was not a good position to be in. Turns out I was right. They have been leapfrogged by Atlanta, Philadelphia and Orlando this season, and trading Jason Kidd was probably a nice move. Now if they can just find takers for Vince Carter and Richard Jefferson...
13. New York Knicks - "Just thinking of this team makes my head hurt..."
Then: Out of the Playoffs
Now: Out of the Playoffs
I mean it. Just the fact that Isiah still had a job before the season started made me pity the New York faithful. Little did I know that it was just the jump-off. Isiah lost Stephon Marbury, we found out that Z-Bo and E-City couldn't really play together, David Lee still couldn't get enough minutes, the Garden's strict policies for the media, the sexual harassment suit, and countless other issues effectively ended this season before it even began. Pathetic.
DISCLAIMER: I know I said that they could surprise us this season... I just didn't think it would be those kind of surprises.
14. Milwaukee Bucks - "No Playoffs this year, although the future looks bright"

Then: Out of the Playoffs
Now: Out of the Playoffs
On second thought, I take that back. I'll admit that was a terrible prediction. The Bucks should have made the Playoffs this year. Bobby Simmons was finally healthy (although ineffective), Yi Jianlian actually played decent ball early on, Redd is a great player, Mo Will re-upped and played out of his mind before the injury, and, lastly, Andrew Bogut made a Chris Kaman-like leap. He was dominating the glass, swatting shots and displaying a fire absent in his first two seasons in the L. So why are they on the outside looking in again? Beats me... The future still looks bright, but if they couldn't get it done this season, you have to wonder if they'll get it done at all.
15. Philadelphia 76ers - "The worst team in the East"
Then: Out of the Playoffs
Now: # 6 in the East
Ooops. Who knew, before the season started, that Philadelphia would actually be battling Wahsington and Toronto for playoff positioning. Obviously not me. But I'm glad they proved me wrong, since they have been playing so well in 2008 that they deserve all they have right now. This is a true team, people. My only question is, does this set them back from rebuilding their team earlier?
So there you have it. I had a lot of fun looking back to my older posts and seeing where I went wrong (or right). And, for my East thoughts, I think I did a good job. Obviously, there were some crazy claims made by yours truly (see: Chicago and Philadelphia), but I also made some good predictions with the Celtics and Heat.
I'll probably have the West piece done before the Playoffs begin or when the spots have been filled, whichever comes first.
Until then, hope you enjoyed this article.

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  1. CoCo  

    Your assessment of the Hawks is pretty accurate. And the Heat aren't even worth mentioning in all honesty!

  2. robbz18  

    Yeah, it was pretty evident early on that they needed a PG, but I knew even back then that Horford was the way to go despite drafting Shelden Williams earlier. What bugs me though is how they could afford not to lock up Josh Smith long-term. Crazy, these Hawks are...

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