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I never expected that 3 games deep into the Eastern Conference Finals, I'd be reduced to writing about "what if" scenarios. I really do not want to, but with the Cavaliers being thoroughly outplayed by the Orlando Magic in each of the first 3 games, I don't think I have much choice.

The focus of my frustration today has to be about the missed opportunity the Cavaliers had in not trading Wally Sexyback this past February.

I know, looking back on it now(and given the Cavs' current state) would be too easy and way unfair to the Cavaliers front office. Heck, back then, I was in support of staying pat. Sure, being able to get a low-post threat (Amare Stoudemire, Brad Miller) or another wingman (John Salmons) would have been way better than Wally World. But what if it ruined the Cavs' chemistry? The Cavs were having a monster season, and bringing in a player expected to play a big role on the team could have been disastrous. After all, Wally wasn't exactly playing terribly; he was doing just enough to contribute at least something. Therefore, I must admit that I was perfectly happy back then.

But things change. As pointless as this may be - and you could even say this is nothing but a desperate attempt by a fan to make sense of Cleveland's struggles -, I still think it's somehow worth revisiting.

The Orlando Magic have exposed a glaring deficiency on the Cavaliers' part. The Cavs just can't defend the Magic very well. Orlando's stocked with plenty of bench help, capable bigs and good shooting. Cleveland, on the other hand, lack those three. It would be premature to label Mo Williams as a bust, but he has to walk the walk and step up. Delonte's struggling and Zydrunas has been reduced to a three-point shooter.

And worst of all, the Cavs' bench isn't doing its part at all. And this brings me to Wally Szczerbiak. Dude isn't even playing anymore! Not saying that he should get more time on the floor because he hasn't done much in the Playoffs, but this is the guy Danny Ferry decided not to trade for (maybe) a more valuable piece.

What if they were able to trade him? What if, instead of Wally, they're playing either Brad Miller or John Salmons (or both???) off the bench, bringing an offensive punch to counter Mickael Pietrus and Marcin Gortat? Instead of watching Ben Wallace butterfinger the ball out of his hands, it could be Brad Miller knocking down open J's. Instead of cringing at the sight of Delonte West defending Turkey's Finest (to be fair though, Delonte does a good job bodying up), it could be John Salmons forcing Hedo to take tougher shots.

It's all pointless now because it's now late May and the Cavs are down 1-2, but I hope Danny Ferry uses this series as a warning. I hope that win or lose, he gains much from this experience and goes into the off-season looking to upgrade the Cavs' sore spots. Superman and his Super Friends have shown the King and his Witnesses they are not invincible. And while it's too early to count the guys in wine and gold out, the reality is that they need much more if they hope to make things easier for LeBron James.

Sucks that we didn't know this back in February, huh?

Photo Credit goes to NBA.com

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